Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today I made four journal covers. All include a photo, a colorful mount board and a colorful mat board. I told you, this shop is about color, not traditional black and white with a splash of color. They look amazing so far, but they still need to be laminated, which is the part that worries me a bit. Each stage is difficult and it's nice once you get past one hurtle, but there are still many more steps.

One journal cover took me over an hour to work on and unfortunately, I'm just not pleased with the result, so it won't be up for sale. I thought it was going to my best, so it's always frustrating when that doesn't work out. Also, my very favorite got bent after I completed it. Remember what I said about hurtles? I'm working on flattening it now. This stuff is fun, but it sure is frustrating!

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